Scientific Team

Dominique J. Charron
Prof. of Immunology and Director of INSERM UMRS 940
Head of the 'Jean Dausset' Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Laboratory at Saint-Louis Hospital.
Former President of the International Histocompatibility council (IHC), former chairman of the 12th International Histocompatibility Workshop & Conference (IHWC) & former President of the European Foundation of Immunogenetics (EFI).
Founder President of HLA & Medicine & founding member of the European Institute for System Biology & Medicine.
Prof. HU Songnian
Prof. HU Songnian received his Ph.D degree in Plant Molecular Biology from China Agricultural University in 1996
He became the program director and main participator of International Human Genome Projects—Beijing region at BGI in 1999, set up the largest genome sequencing platform in China. In 2001, he lead the team to successfully finish the draft sequence of rice genome (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica) within 50 days and made major innovations in reducing the sequencing cost and increasing the efficiency.
he was awarded “Outstanding Scientific and Technology achievement award for a research group” of Qiu Shi Scientific and Technology Foundation in 2002 and “Outstanding Scientific and Technology achievement award for a research group” of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003 due to his standout contribution to “Human Genome Project for China Region”, “China Super Hybrid Rice Genome Project”, and the excellent behavior in setting up large-scale DNA sequencing platform.
He has also participated other genome projects carried out at BIG such as “Sino-Danish Porcine Genome Project”, silkworm genome project and chicken genome variation mapping project.
He has published more than 60 papers, two monographs and participated in another two monographs.
Dr Liya JU, MD, PhD
Started her research work in China in the eighties in the field of molecular and genetic biology of nasopharyngeal cancer with Pr Dausset, Nobel Price in immunology, she joined in 86 the French public research institute INSERM in Paris and obtained her PhD in immunology at the Institute Pasteur.
In 94, she joined Debiopharm, a Swiss biotech company as director of the Chinese Program, as direct assistant to the President General Director for 15 years. Her tasks were the registration of European compounds for the Chinese market (oxaliplatin, decapeptyl), identification of new Chinese molecules from biotech and traditional medicine for development in Europe and US , recognition of DebioChina brand all over China, and building an academic and biotech network serving Debiopharm.
From October 2016, she was in charge of the China mission for international department of Great Paris University Hopitals to coordinate the sino-franco biomedical cooperations.
Director of R&D
2004-2007 MD, Microbiology National Key Microbiology Laboratory, Shandong University
2007-2013 PhD, Environment Science Ecological Environment Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2013-2015 Postdoc Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
2015-Present QMR, Quality Management representation Beijing Rose Genomics Technology, Ltd.