SBT Typing Kits

R.O.S.E. offers high resolution HLA SBT Typing Kits using PCR techniques and sequence based typing.

We provide a range of products for:
• HLA Class I: A, B, C
• HLA Class II: DRB1, DQB1, DPB1

Workflow of R.O.S.E. HLA SBT Typing Kits

The workflow of the R.O.S.E. SBT approach: Our protocol features a very easy and fast set up.

For all other cases R.O.S.E. Europe offers you certified sequence specific sequencing primers (3SP) that help to resolve most of the common ambiguities.

The time needed to finish a complete analysis of 48 samples with a 96 channels capillaries.

Data Analysis

The final procedure for the SBT protocol: the data analysis with the SBT – JSI software.

Product List HLA SBT Typing Kits

R.O.S.E. SBT Core Kit includes the PCR Mix and the Sequencing Ready-to-use Mixes for the HLA Class I (A, B, C) from Exon 2 to Exon 4, for the HLA Class II (DRB1, DQB1, DPB1) from Exon 2 to Exon 3.

R.O.S.E. SBT Extended Kit includes specific 3SP Primers to solve the most common ambiguities and extra Exons for Class I.

The ROSE SBT Full Kit consists of the Core and Extended Kits in one package.

Core Kits Full Kits Extended Kits
Ref.No Product Kit Size Ref.No Product Ref.No 3SP EEXon
800001 HLA-A SBT Typing Kit 50 800001-F 24 Seq-Mixes 800001-Ex 22 1,5
800002 HLA-A SBT Typing Kit 200 800002-F 24 Seq-Mixes 800002-Ex 22 1,5
800003 HLA-B SBT Typing Kit 50 800003-F 28 Seq-Mixes 800003-Ex 25 1,5
800004 HLA-B SBT Typing Kit 200 800004-F 28 Seq-Mixes 800004-Ex 25 1,5
800005 HLA-DRB1 SBT Typing Kit 50 800005-F 8Seq-Mixes 800005-Ex 8
800006 HLA-DRB1 SBT Typing Kit 200 800006-F 8 Seq-Mixes 80000-6Ex 8
800007 HLA-C SBT Typing Kit 50 800007-F 18 Seq-Mixes 800007-Ex 14 1,5,6,7
800008 HLA-C SBT Typing Kit 200 800008-F 18 Seq-Mixes 800008-Ex 14 1,5,6,7
800009 HLA-DQB1 SBT Typing Kit 50 800009-F 5 Seq-Mixes 800009-Ex 5
800010 HLA-DQB1 SBT Typing Kit 200 800010-F 5 Seq-Mixes 800010-Ex 5
800011 HLA-DPB1 SBT Typing Kit 50 800011-F 6 Seq-Mixes 800011-Ex 6
800012 HLA-DPB1 SBT Typing Kit 200 800012-F 6 Seq-Mixes 800012-Ex 6