SSP Typing Kits

R.O.S.E. HLA SSP Typing Kits are a “low resolution“ test system for the rapid and reproducible identification of HLA-A, B, C, DRB1 and DQB1 alleles from DNA using the PCR method. Our unique primer pairs are accurately designed for typing the HLA class I and class II genes.

The PCR accomplished with these primers produce well-defined DNA fragments of different length. In addition to the Sequence Specific Primers (SSP), the Primer-Mixes contain control primers, which minimize errors in handling. The amplified DNA fragments will be detected in an Agarose gel by dyeing the double stranded DNA. Result interpretation is easy by using provided worksheets or our free software.

R.O.S.E. HLA SSP Typing Protocol – Step by Step

1.) Preparation of the PCR Mastermix

2.) Aliquoting the PCR Mastermix, the Taq Polymerase and the DNA samples in the plate

3.) Sealing the plate with adhesive PCR film

4.) PCR reaction (see operating manual 3.1. Thermal Cycler)

Product List HLA SSP Typing Kits

We offer different combination of Alleles in one single 96-well plate for the customer convenience. Please contact us for more information.

Order Number Product Tests/Kit
800 110 HLA-ABDR SSP-Typing Kit 20
800 111 HLA-A SSP-Typing Kit 24
800 112 HLA-B SSP-Typing Kit 24
800 113 HLA-DR SSP-Typing Kit 24
800 114 HLA-C SSP-Typing Kit 24
800 115 HLA-DQ SSP-Typing Kit 24
800 116 HLA-DRDQ SSP-Typing Kit 24
800 117 HLA-ABC SSP-Typing Kit 20
800 118 HLA-ABDRDQ SSP-Typing Kit 20