2017.08 The CEO of ROSE Genomics MS. Ying Kang, was invited to give a talk in the oversea Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship conference.

2017.07 The CEO of ROSE Genomics MS. Ying Kang, was invited to attend the meeting of the Lebanese delegation of ministers. She conducted friendly communication with visiting Lebanese Minister group and introduced the advanced NGS HLA detection platform, bioinformatics data analysis and other technologies of Rose Genomics Corp, Ltd..

2017.6。Rose Genomics Corp, Ltd. was awarded ‘official Z-park International Students internship program’

2017.5 “Z-Park Changping press conference-ROSE Genomics participated in ‘The Belt and Road initiative’. And the ROSE Genomics signed a scientific research cooperation agreement in the field of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics with the Jean Dausset HLA Nobel laboratory platform .

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2016.10 The European team of ROSE Genomics attended AIBT 2016 in Italy.

2016.06 The CEO OF ROSE Genomics MS. Ying Kang, led the technical team to make a demonstration of NGS HLA typing technology for the Clinical Hospital in Genoa Italy.

01. April 2013

R.O.S.E.: New NGS HLA Typing Kit Flexible for all Platforms

At R.O.S.E. we believe that the future of the HLA Typing is the sequence based technology. Our company was one of the first in Europe to develop and successfully market worldwide the Sanger sequence based technology for HLA Typing in high resolution. We are now developing the new Next Generation Sequencing kit, flexible and universal for all different platforms on the market. Follow us on the website for the release date!

17. April 2013

Proudly Announcing New Partnerships

R.O.S.E. proudly announce the partnership with Al-Faiha For Laboratories & Scientific Supplies W.L.L. (Jordan), Al Athar Medical Group (Saudi Arabia) and Biovision Egypt, expanding our presence in the Middle East Area.